Floral Motifs on Early Chintz
Crataegus monogyna - May Tree
Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) from Private Collection, May Tree and Game Birds Fabric Fragment, c. 1830-1840
Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) from Jacquin, N.J. von, Florae Austriaceae, vol. 3: t. 292, 1775
Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) in a modern garden.  Photo by Eugene Zelenko.
Common Names: May Tree, May, Common Hawthorn, OneSeed Hawthorn, Mayblossom, Maythorn, Quickthorn, Whitethorn, Motherdie,Single-Seeded Hawthorn, Haw
Description: Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) is a member of the Rose Family (Rosaceae). It is a native of Britain.
Quilts with the above Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) motif:  
  • Private Collection of Catherine Janet Strauss, Fancy Appliqued Quilt with Scroll Border Probably Made by Eleanora Roch, A Maryland Album, p. 55, c. 1840
  • International Quilt Study Center and Museum, Medallion Quilt, Object Number 2006.056.0011, 1810-1830
  • Smithsonian Institution, Appliqued and Stuffed Quilt Made by Tamzin Janney, Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899: The Birth of America Through the Eye of a Needle, p. 48, c. 1830

Chintz with this Crataegus monogyna (May Tree) motif:  
  • Private Collection, May Tree and Game Birds Fabric Fragment, c. 1830-1840
  • The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Printed Textiles, Object Numbers 2004.0040.003, 1969.3308, 1969.3309, 1969.3310, 1969.3810.001, 1969.3810.002, 1969.3810.003, 1969.3811.001, 1969.3811.002, 1969.3811.003, 1969.3811.004, 1969.8082.001, 1969.8082.002, 1969.8082.003, 2004.0040.003, in various colorways, one dated c. 1815, most dated 1830-1840
  • Victoria and Albert Museum, Block-Printed Furnishing Chintz, Object Number T.394-1966, c. 1815

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