Floral Motifs on Early Chintz
Galanthus nivalis - Snowdrop
Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) detail from an image by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons
Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) from the Private Collection, Broderie Perse Bed Set, c. 1840
Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, vol. 47, plate 2162, 1820
Common Names: Snowdrop, Common Snowdrop, Common Snow-drop, Clusius's Snowdrop
Description: Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) is a member of the Amaryllis Family (Amaryllidaceae). The Hortus Kewensis, ed. 2, vol. 2 recorded that Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) is native to Britain. 

Quilts with this Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) motif:
  • None know at this time

Chintz applique with this Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop) motif:
  • Private Collection, Broderie Perse Bed Set (bed hanging pieces and single layer coverlet), c. 1840

The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Printed Textile, Object Number 1959.0087.008, Printed Textiles: British and American Cottons and Linens 1700-1850, p. 254, 1807-1808 is identified in the book as being printed with snowdrops (Galanthus sp.), but the designs appear to be of a closely related species commonly known as snowflakes (Leucojum sp.) based on the inflorescence.

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