Floral Motifs on Early Chintz
Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks- Dreadlocks
Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks (Dreadlocks) photo by C T Johansson, CC BY 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons
Amaranthus caudatus (Love-Lies-Bleeding) from Johann Wilhelm Weinmann, Phytanthoza iconographia, vol. 1, plate 89, 1737. No period botanical illustrations of the Dreadlocks cultivar from the period are available.
Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks (Dreadlocks), Collection of Sara Schamerloh, Lapis Print Quilt, c. 1825
Common Names:  Dreadlocks, Dreadlocks Amaranth, Amaranth Dreadlocks
Description:  Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks (Dreadlocks) is a member of the Amaranth Family (Amaranthaceae). The Hortus Kewensis, ed. 2, vol. 5, p. 277  listed Amaranthus caudatus as a native of the East Indies and as having first been cultured in Europe in 1596.  This appears to be a natural variation of that species that may have been considered Amaranthus caudatus var. gibbosus or simply an unusual form of Amaranthus caudatus at the time the textile was printed.  It is now recognized by modern plant growers as the cultivar Dreadlocks.

Quilts with this Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks (Dreadlocks) motif: 
  • Collection of Sara Schamerloh, Lapis Print Quilt, c. 1825

 Chintz with this Amaranthus caudatus cultivar Dreadlocks (Dreadlocks) motif: 
  • None known at this time

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