Floral Motifs on Early Chintz
Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells
Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) from the International Quilt Museum, Ardis and Robert James Collection, Album Quilt, made by Emmaline Howell Fish,1843
Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells), (published as  
Medium flore purpureo) from Basilius Bessler, Hortus Eystettensis, vol. 2: Primus ordo collectarum plantarum aestivalium, t. 155, fig. I, 1620
Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) photo by Guérin Nicolas (messages) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]
Common Names: Canterbury Bells, Bellflower
Description: Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) is a member of the Bellflower Family (Campanulaceae). The Hortus Kewensis, ed. 2, vol. 1 recorded this native of Germany and Italy was introduced into cultivation in Britain before 1597. 
Quilts with this Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) motif: 
  • International Quilt Museum, Ardis and Robert James Collection, Album Quilt, made by Emmaline Howell Fish, Object Number 2005.053.0003, dated 1843
  • Denver Art Museum, Album Quilt, made by Anna E. Perrine, Object Number 1985.300, The American Quilt, p. 80, dated 1842-1843

Chintz with this Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) motif: 
  • None known at this time 

                           Additional Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) Motifs

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Quilts each with a different Campanula medium (Canterbury Bells) motif: 
  • International Quilt Museum, Star of Bethlehem Quilt, Object Number 1997.007.0369,  1830-1850
  • The American Museum in Britain, Chintz Summer Bedspread, Object Number 2005.22, Classic Quilts from the American Museum in Britain, pp. 56-57, c. 1830
  • Shelburne Museum, Flowers and Fruit Baskets Quilt, made by Martha Custis Peter, Object Number 10-116 (1953-1117), Chintz Quilts: Unfading Glory, cover and p. 35, early 19th century 
  • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, James Betts Woodblock Printed Quilt Top, Object Number 1970-194, c. 1840

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